Oveit partners with Utrust to help worldwide businesses integrate cryptocurrency into events and entertainment ticketing

Oveit partners with Utrust to help worldwide businesses integrate cryptocurrency into events and entertainment ticketing.

Mihai Drăgan - Co-founder & COO of Oveit

Mihai Drăgan – Co-founder & COO of Oveit

Sanja Kon-CEO of Utrust

Sanja Kon-CEO of Utrust

Oveit, the fintech company headquartered in Austin, Texas, partners with Utrust, a Swiss start-up that offers cryptocurrency payment solutions.

The partnership with Utrust enhances the business opportunities for all the industry players, allowing them to receive instant payments from up to 1 billion customers worldwide.”

— Mihai Drăgan, COO of Oveit.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, November 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Their aim is to integrate a new payment method into the entertainment market, allowing event organisers to accept and use cryptocurrency payments more easily, thus accessing a bigger market. The companies will intermediate crypto payments from up to 1 billion events, amusement parks, and touristic package clients worldwide.

Until now, cryptocurrencies have been used mainly as an investment instrument, and implementing crypto payments for business was an exhaustive process. Currently, cryptocurrency is gaining momentum and being used at a larger scale, opening a new opportunity for businesses. By implementing this system, European companies can receive payment from people worldwide in just a few seconds without worrying about exchange rates. Moreover, low commission rates make this process more convenient for businesses and customers alike.

”We strive to help the events and entertainment industries evolve and change their operations using digital technology. The cryptocurrency market still has a lot of potential and opportunities ready to be unlocked by businesses that want to adapt their strategy and think outside the traditional standards. Especially for companies in this segment, the possibilities are unlimited. Thus, even international customers can access the event without worrying about local currencies and high exchange rates”, explains Mihai Drăgan, COO of Oveit.

The process of using Oveit’s solution is simple – one company creates a merchant account on the platform, and afterwards, every payment goes straight into their account. The sellers can also list their prices in fiat currency. With the Utrust integration, the amount is automatically converted to cryptocurrency.

“Utrust will always seek to empower blockchain technology’s creative and advantageous use cases. Companies like Oveit are making the kinds of products we need: the ones that change peoples’ lives for the better. We are delighted to provide the fast, seamless, on-chain payments that will help them achieve their goals”, states Sanja Kon, CEO of Utrust.

About Oveit

Oveit provides ticketing and cashless payment tools for events, venues, and smart communities. Using Oveit, event planners can sell tickets, manage registration and access control and set up cashless payments in their venues. Oveit helps events, retail companies, and hospitality venues onboard vendors and buyers, track visitor behaviour online and offline and increase revenue. Oveit’s distributed ledger technology creates an Edge Payments (payments at the edge of the cloud) ecosystem that is fast, secure, and always on. Visitors can top up a digital wallet and use it for a customised purchasing experience.

About Utrust

Utrust is the leading cryptocurrency payment solution designed to modernise the finance and payments industry and solve the problems of traditional payment methods by offering instant transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant.

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