If you think cryptocurrencies are a good long-term investment, a rewards program like Lolli or a cash back credit card that allows you to earn crypto while spending dollars can let you ease your way into the crypto market. But even though you’re not jumping full on into cryptocurrency this way, it’s still important to keep in mind the additional risk and volatility involved.

Crypto Rewards Programs 

Lolli (opens in new tab) allows shoppers to earn up to 30% in Bitcoin rewards when they shop online at one of their partner merchants, including Ulta, Nike, Chewy, eBay, Sephora and Staples. Lolli also allows users to link a card with the Lolli app to earn back up to 10% in Bitcoin for in-store purchase at select merchants, such as American Eagle, CVS and Shake Shack. RewardsBunny (opens in new tab) allows customers to shop online through their platform and earn crypto for every dollar spent. The company has partnered with many major companies, including Booking.com and Walmart. Fold allows customers to earn up to 20% in Bitcoin rewards by offering gift cards that can be purchased from its website and redeemed at popular retailers.     

Credit Cards with Crypto Rewards Programs 

source : fastmlsflyers.com


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