While bitcoin’s reputation has largely been one of criminality and secrecy, more women than men are investing in the cryptocurrency market, and they’re not doing it just to make a quick buck. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why women should be investing in Bitcoin, but only one of them does not have anything to do with its surging value…and that reason has everything to do with the future of money, as some would say. If you want to know more about the real reason women need to invest in bitcoin (and why you should too), continue reading below…

The Gender Pay Gap

For more than 40 years, American women have been fighting a gender pay gap that has seen them earn less than men. But the gender pay gap is just one of the many ways women are disadvantaged by a system that isn’t designed for them. And these disadvantages can be seen not only in their paycheck but also in their opportunities to invest, save and grow their wealth over time. That’s why it’s so important for women who want to take control of their financial future – and even those who don’t -to understand the basics of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Economic Insecurity

Women are significantly more likely than men to experience economic insecurity. In fact, nearly one-third of women report living paycheck to paycheck, which is twice the rate of men. This precarious financial situation leads many women into debt and a reliance on credit cards just to make ends meet.
Women also own less wealth than men. According to Credit Suisse, even though the number of female millionaires has grown by 53% since 2000, they still only hold about 22% of all global wealth. And for every $1 dollar owned by a woman in the US, a man owns more than $4 dollars worth of assets.

Lack of financial autonomy

Now, I’m not an economist. I am, however, a woman who wants to be able to make her own financial decisions without relying on the approval of someone else. That’s why I invest in bitcoin. It’s my way of making sure that I always have a say over what happens with my finances and that the value of my money is determined by more than just one person. The more women learn about bitcoin, the more they are going to want it. Why? Because we don’t like being told what we should do with our hard-earned money!

The need for an uncorrelated asset

In order for an asset to be uncorrelated, it needs to have low correlations with other assets. For instance, stocks and bonds tend to move in tandem with each other, so these are correlated assets. On the flip side, gold tends not to move as much with the broader market, so this is an example of an uncorrelated asset. However, the correlation between stocks and bonds is not always negative; it can be positive as well. So there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for what constitutes a good uncorrelated asset.
What makes bitcoin different is that it has both properties of an unfocused asset – high volatility and low correlation – while being relatively easy for anyone who wants it to invest.

Bitcoin as a tool for financial empowerment

In the past few years, bitcoin has become a household name. Although many people know that it is a digital currency, not everyone knows about its other benefits. One of the most underrated benefits of bitcoin is its ability to create financial empowerment for women. To date, there are over 3 million female bitcoin users and this number is only growing as awareness increases.
When it comes to investing, women often face more challenges than men do. For example, they may have less access to capital and investment opportunities due to gender inequality or cultural norms. In order to overcome these obstacles and gain more control of their finances, many women around the world are turning towards bitcoin as an investment vehicle.

How to get started with investing in Bitcoin

Have you ever been intimidated by the idea of investing your money in the stock market? The thought of trying to keep up with all those numbers, graphs, and charts can be daunting! But what if I told you that there is a new way for women to invest their money that is not only accessible and easy but also potentially lucrative? I’m talking about investing in Bitcoin. If you’ve never heard of it before, here are some quick facts about this innovative currency.
Bitcoin is an internet-based currency that can be used like cash anywhere in the world without being tied down by any particular country’s restrictions or regulations. Bitcoins are decentralized, meaning they’re not controlled by any government or central bank, which means that no one can freeze your account so your money will always be accessible.


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